Dyson DC39 Animal Review

Posted on Jan 22 2014 - 9:00am by Richard Sharp

I’ve long been a fan of Dyson cleaners, but have never considered anything but an upright cleaner. The pull along types have always seemed like too much work to me, which is why I was very interested when Dyson asked me to review their DC39 Animal; perhaps this could be the model that would sway me away from my faithful Dyson upright.

In the box

Before we look at what’s included I want to mention the packaging. It is a sight to behold, keeps everything tight and safe but there sure is a lot of it. Thankfully this is all recyclable (and is hopefully manufactured from recycled material too).

You get a lot of tools for your money with the Dyson DC39 animal. In the box you will find:

DC39_Box_contents– 5 year guarantee

– Guarantee information

– Quick start guide

– Operations manual

– Combination tool

– Stair tool

– Triggerhead

– Tangle-free Turbine tool

– Hard floor tool

 General Use

It comes with a quick start guide, but to be honest I didn’t need it. Everything slots together with the precision and ease you’d expect from a premium Dyson cleaner; I was ready to start cleaning within minutes of shedding the parts from the mountains of packaging. My first target was under the bed, an area that my upright DC25 machine doesn’t reach with ease. The results were surprising (albeit a tad embarrassing on my part).

The great thing about a pull-along type machine is that you can reach underneath objects with ease. I used the turbine head to clean under the bed and the result is below (bear in mind we vacuum more than once a week). The amount the DC39 picks up is pretty impressive I think you’ll agree, but it’s worth noting the head does have a tendency to wrap hair around itself.

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There’s a neat holster for the stair and combination tool, which means they’re always on hand. These tools click into place in a satisfying way that’s both easy and secure.


When you’re done the cord can be retracted in seconds. The dirt canister is also very easy to empty with a touch of button (just be sure you’re over a bin before attempting this) and the filters are very easy to get access for cleaning.

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Light on its feet

One of its main selling points, as shown on the box blurb, is that the ball mechanism should make it more manoeuvrable and less prone to catching on furniture and objects. The lightweight frame means the DC39 is easy to pull around and the ball is great for carpeted or hard floors. This is important because some pull-along vacuums can be hard work.

One downside is the lightweight frame makes the DC39 Animal prone to toppling over when caught on furniture; a trait that all other pull along type vacuums all suffer (probably to a greater extent in comparison to the Dyson). In all fairness this is a minor gripe remedied by keeping the machine close to where you are vacuuming/standing instead of stretching the hose to its capacity.

Comparison to my DC25

Dyson didn’t ask me to compare the DC39 with another model, but this seemed logical as I have owned an upright DC25 for over 5 years. First things first, the newer DC39 looks nicer and I just love the purple colour scheme. The new turbine head also gives the machine a more interesting look; not to mention a different high-pitched sound and unmistakably more suction. In this respect I prefer the DC39, however suction and looks aren’t the be-all and end-all ;-).

The DC39 is light, which does make it easier to pull. However I did find my natural cleaning instinct to make multiple passes over the carpet impossible with the DC39 because I kept stepping back and tripping over the machine. This of course doesn’t happen with an upright because you have the machine with you, in-hand, at all times.

The handheld turbine tool is great and doesn’t furl up like the main tool. This tool is great for carpets, furniture and even fabric and really doesn’t tangle up like the larger turbine head does (see pics above).


Final Thoughts

The technology is sound, the machine looks and works well but not in all environments. For my house, with its thicker pile carpets and awkwardly placed furniture, the DC39 Animal isn’t an ideal fit; plus I prefer an upright machine. However for a pet filled home, with a more fluid layout and lower pile carpets, I’d say this machine would be hard to beat. At the end of the day it will come down to whether you prefer an upright or pull along cleaner.

I’ve included plenty of photos below, with yet more thoughts. Let us know what you think, along with any questions or your own review below too. Thanks for reading.

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