Even Hearing Aids are Cool with Apple

Posted on Nov 28 2013 - 3:50pm by Robert

Sure, making mobile phones and computers look cool is easy. Pah, anyone could make one look attractive. Now let’s see what you can do with a hearing aid.

Apple has proved to have the ability to turn most things they create into something which most people would want but how will they get on in the heady world of implements for those with impaired hearing?

The company recently teamed up with the Danish firm GN ReSound to design the first ever hearing aid for the iPhone. It is called LiNX and uses technology similar to Bluetooth to connect directly to the phone.

Taking Away the Stigma

LINXPart of the reason for coming up with this trendy looking design was to take away the stigma attached to the use of hearing aids. The two companies started working together last year and have collaborated closely to come up with the current design.

Lars Viksmoen is the CEO of GN ReSound and he said that with LiNX they have shown their strength in “bringing breakthrough innovations to the hearing impaired” and have helped bring people choices and not challenges.

The device connects with the iPhone using 2.4 GHz technology and works in a similar way to how smart watches communicate with phones. As well as working as a conventional hearing aid, LiNX can also be used to stream music and to take phone calls too. The settings on the device can be altered using an app which comes with it. It is said that the launch will be in 2014 and the cost will be close to £2,000.


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