Evian Star Wars Bottles Concept – Water from another Galaxy

Posted on Jan 2 2012 - 11:05am by Richard Sharp

We keep being told that drinking water is good for you, and we suppose that expensive Evian styled H2O has got to be even better for us than cheaper, unbranded stuff. However, water is still as dull as only a colourless, odourless liquid could be.

Maybe what it needs to shake up its image is a bit of sci fi fun, and these Evian Star Wars Bottles could be just the job to get it done. It is still at the concept stage right now but the design looks brilliant and could be a hit in the next year or so.

They have been put together Mandy Brencys and feature some of the top characters from the classic film, as well as having a kind of light sabre type shape to them. They will certainly put a bit of fun into water drinking if they ever make it onto the Evian production line.

Water, from a Galaxy far far away…

The idea is original and it just seems like a winner. There are so many Star Wars fans around who would presumably be quite willing to pay a tad more for their water if it came in a fancy Darth Vader bottle that it could just work.

These Evian Star Wars Bottles look so amazing that the market probably wouldn’t be restricted solely to health conscious geeks with lots of money either. Maybe they’ll even become collector’s items in years to come and your grandchildren will complain that yours would have been worth a lot more if you hadn’t gone and drunk all of the water ;-).


We’ve had word from the PR team at Evian who say ”Although we are happy to see that evian was an inspiration for Amanda
Brencys Carbonato’s Star Wars-themed designs, we would like to note that
this was not an official collaboration authorized by evian or in any
capacity affiliated with the brand.”

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