Evolution Neck Pillow gives more comfort while traveling

Posted on Jul 26 2011 - 3:09pm by Julius

Do you have problems traveling because conventional travel pillows don’t work for you? You’re not alone. A survey that interviewed 1,500 people at airports throughout the world revealed that about 80 percent of travelers find normal travel pillows to be uncomfortable. Now travel company Cabeau unveils a neck pillow called the Evolution Neck Pillow, which is designed for those who don’t trust those conventional travel pillows that you can buy anywhere.

The Evolution Neck Pillow is designed for people who always have trouble sleeping on a plane. Made from high IQ memory foam, this pillow wraps around the neck so that it will give your head something comfortable to rest on when you sleep in the middle of a long flight. The Evolution Neck Pillow also has a pocket so you can keep your music player or mobile phone close to you.

This pillow provides 360 degrees of comfort and support. It also features lateral head stabilization supports that prevent your head from falling sideways. If your head tends to move forward when sleeping, just place the back part of the pillow in front of your neck so you’ll have a chin rest with front support.

According to the Cabeau website, they discovered a new application for the product. “The product that kept them sleeping during their flights and car rides was also used as ‘the most comfortable tanning pillow ever!’ The pillow forms a perfect cup for your forehead and cheeks and helps any sunbather avoid the sun’s glare while lounging by the water in complete comfort,” the website wrote.

The Evolution Neck Pillow comes with a duplex slide-lock dongle, deluxe earplugs made from memory foam and a custom travel bag.

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  1. Sarah July 27, 2011 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    I need one of these!! All the pillows I've bought do not work. I can see how this one does. Excited to try it!

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