Exspect Whatever It Takes iPhone 4 Cases

Posted on Feb 16 2011 - 3:59pm by Richard Sharp

If you are a music fan and want to display this fact whilst supporting a great cause then these new what ever it takes cases for the iPhone 4 might be of interest to you. Featuring artwork from the likes of Dizee Rascal, Dave Grohl, Rob Da Bank and the Prodigy means there is a case for everyone.

Whatever it takes is a charity aimed at people in positions of power in the music, art or sporting world, they contribute their skills (in this case their drawings) to the charity which is then used to raise money for worthy causes that blight the 21st century.

The cases perform two functions; the first is protecting your iPhone 4 from bumps and scrapes – pretty standard for a case to be honest. Each case takes the same form of a hard plastic shell with perfect cut outs for the volume buttons, power button and bottom input port.

The second function of the case is much more important; depending on the case chosen you can broadcast your taste in music on your iPhone. We have been using the Prodigy purple case for a week now and it’s surprising how many people comment on it, great for your street cred and you can even squeeze into the conversation about the contribution to charity too – a win, win in our book.

Other artists that have contributed include the late Alexander McQueen, David Bowie, Brandon Boyd, Giorgio Armani, coldplay (leather slip case), Amy Winehouse and Paul Smith.

Available from Amazon for the iPhone, iPad and a selection of laptops too.

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