Eyes on the side of your head with the Contour HD camcorder

Posted on Apr 28 2009 - 8:19pm by Richard Sharp

contourhdIf you are an adrenaline junkie or X games fan and are really into all the extreme sports action such as paragliding snowboarding, Freeskiing or maybe one of the crazy guys who love Parkour or Freerunning then you are going to really want one of the wearable Contour HD camcorders from Twenty20.

The makers of the latest wearable camcorder, Twenty20 are based in Seattle and have created the camcorder as a result of their own interest in downhill skiing. The developers Marc Barros and Jason Green were committed to finding a simple solution so that they could share their exploits with family, friends and like minded individuals. They set about developing their helmet camera in 2003 and after many improvements on the original concept have now released the very latest HD Helmet Camera.

The Contour HD camcorder could not be simpler to operate and can even be operated with gloves on, there is a large sliding control which is moved forward to record the action and moved back to stop recording. The team at Twenty20 have even though of a simple solution for perfectly lining up the shot each time by using two lasers which can be lined up horizontally ensuring that the shot is then completely aligned.

The Contour HD camcorder is so flexible and can be fixed either on goggles, handlebars, helmets or even a vehicle by using the various mounts available. The all-season, shock resistant, super strong body will withstand the worst that any extreme sportsperson can throw at it including snow, mud, dirt and the elements, as well as withstanding extreme vibration and impacts. The High Definition camcorder will record up to 8 hours and allows for 135 degree full widescreen action, filmed at 30 fps and 1280 x 720 pixel or for super fast action 60 fps. The latest microphone will reduce wind noise and distortion to allow for the best possible sound recording possible.

Priced at a tad over £200 this is an essential bit of kit for all extreme sport people, from base jumping to snowkiting, skydiving to mountaineering whatever your rush you can film it with the Contour HD camcorder from Twenty20.

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