Facebook adds Send button to user profiles

Posted on Apr 26 2011 - 12:14am by Matt Jackson

Facebook has added yet another button to their site today, the Facebook send joins the like and question button. Unlike some of the other features on the site the ‘send’ button allows users to share a link or resource with only selected friends – it’s like a reborn share button.

Basically once you have found something you want to share you paste it in the box and select the friends you want to share it with and click send. This means you can share different content with different friends, ideal if you want to share things with friends that you know others won’t appreciate or even find offensive, we’ve seen our fair share of bad jokes and questionable content on our personal Facebook pages. A great example could be news story about your favourite band, a great majority of your friends wouldn’t be interested but some might, simply select them and share common interests.

If a friend chooses to send you something of interest a suitable message will be delivered, likewise a message with your content will be delivered if you send a file or URL to your friends or a group. This kind of selective way to share content obviously has its positives when compared to the standard like button.

Do you think the ‘send’ button is good addition to Facebook?

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