Facebook for iPad and Project Spartan to launch next week

Posted on Sep 30 2011 - 10:35pm by Robert

Following a story from Mashable that Facebook will launch its highly-anticipated iPad app at the Apple media event on October 4, tech news site TechCrunch has reported that the iPad version of Facebook’s app is “about to launch.” According to MG Seigler, the app has been ready to go for a while. That also goes to another Facebook project called “Project Spartan,” which is an HTML 5 app store for Facebook apps.

According to Siegler, the Project Spartan and the Facebook app for iPad are “joined at the hip,” meaning that one app will not launch without the other.

The report also said that Facebook is planning to launch the two apps on Monday, but they’re still discussing its plans with Apple. It is also possible that Apple wants to launch the Facebook iPad app and the Project Spartan during their “Let’s Talk iPhone” event to showcase the iOS 5’s HTML 5 capabilities.

It is understood that Facebook has partnered with Apple on Project Spartan, and the social network is said to reach millions of iPhone users to get the word out.

Project Spartan is the social network’s attempt to get a share of the mobile app market. Instead of using iOS’ native code, Facebook used the HTML 5. Users can purchase apps using Facebook Credits, and all the service’s community features tie these third party apps with the sharing support.

The project was originally believed to be the company’s attempt to rival Apple, but as more information emerged, it appeared that the the two companies collaborated with Google as their target.


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