Facebook Has 700 Million Global Users

Posted on Jun 1 2011 - 5:57pm by Richard Sharp

When the Facebook film, The Social Network, came out last year the tagline was ‘you don’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies’. Well, that statement is well and truly out of date as new research suggests that Facebook now has 700 million users worldwide.

In July, 2010 the number was pipped at 500 million which means the site has gained an additional 200 million users in under a year. The research was carried out by Social bakers who also looked into the most popular areas that Facebook is used around the world.

the largest amount of growth is attributed to countries who are fairly new to the whole Facebook mentality, Brazil has added 1.9 million users in the last month alone which is an 11% growth on prior numbers.

The research also shows that 30.5 million people from the UK have a Facebook account, ranking it third top country using Facebook. The United States dwarves this number with 149.3 million users followed by Indonesia with 37.8 million users. All of this data is compiled by the Social Bakers, it provides an interesting insight into the number of registered accounts.

At this stage there is no data on the number of active, or authentic accounts on the worlds largest social network. That would make for an interesting statistic, if trends continue Facebook will have 1 billion members by this time next year.

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