Facebook iPhone 5 News Link Scam

Posted on May 14 2011 - 5:03pm by Robert

There is a new Facebook spam scam to look out for. Actually, it is really an old one which is back again and conning people. It involves a supposed news link to a story about the iPhone 5 called “First Exposure: iPhone 5”.

Since we are all excited about the new Apple phone a lot of Facebook users have been conned into falling for this scam in the last few days.

What happens is that someone you know appears to have made a comment about a link that leads to the iPhone 5 story at greatlakesnews.info. If you are intrigued and follow the link you get re-directed to a site which asks you to prove that you are a human by verifying a captcha word. You then get asked to take part in a survey.

If you do this then a message gets put onto Facebook telling your contacts that you made a comment on the item and the whole thing carries on with more people clicking on the dodgy link and sending it onto their friends.

This type of spam is called clickjacking and the official Facebook advice is not to follow any strange looking links even if they are from people you trust. You should also stick to reputable news sites and think twice if you get asked to complete a captcha word for something as apparently simple as an iPhone 5 new s story.

Have you fallen for the First Exposure trick or some other sort of Facebook scam lately?


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