Facebook is Now More Popular than TV in Britain

Posted on Mar 16 2011 - 5:23pm by Richard Sharp

A couple of months ago we revealed that Facebook has become a nightly routine for most Brits; therefore it will come as no surprise that a recent study has shown that the world’s largest social networking site is now more popular than television. A study by consumer electronics retailer EXPANSYS has revealed some rather interesting statistics.

It has been revealed that 70% of the UK now has a Facebook account with over 30 million Brits regularly using the site for an average of two and a half hours every single day – the study showed that the average hourly TV viewing has dropped to 2 hours per day.

 The increased use of Facebook has partly been due to an increased use of Smartphones to access the site, the survey showed 36% of UK residents now own a Smartphone with a whopping 91% of them using it to access Facebook via apps each day.

Users access the site an average of 7.52 times a day with an average dwell time of 1.95 hours on smartphones alone, a humongous 15% of people revealed that they are ‘addicted’ and they feel the need to login over 20 times a day to check and make status updates.

TV figures are even affected by users who multitask by accessing Facebook whilst watching TV via their smart phone, Laptop or PC (which usually now takes pride of place in the living room). In fact mobile phone and TV manufactures alike are looking to cash in on this ‘dual-screen’ trend by rolling out smart TV’s with Facebook apps and improving smart-phone features to encourage users to logon.

Interestingly only a quarter of those questioned said they solely watch TV on a traditional set, others pick and choose what they want to watch by either using on-demand services like 4OD or BBC iPlayer on their PC or phone.

Research over the past year has shown that Brits check Facebook in Bed, is used by over half of UK residents and is more popular than TV. What’s next?

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