Facebook proudly unveils the Timeline feature

Posted on Sep 23 2011 - 2:48pm by Julius

At the F8 developers conference in San Francisco, Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has announced a number of new features for the social network, including the Timeline that enables users to record their entire lives through photos, status updates, activities, apps and the places they have traveled to chronologically.

Zuckerberg said that these new features will make the site not just a place to share links, photos and messages with friends, but also a place to preserve precious memories. The young CEO wants Facebook to give more than the equivalent of a 15-minute chat, he wants site to be an hour-long conversation.

“If the original profile was the first five minutes of your conversation, and the stream is the next 15 minutes, then I want to show you the rest,” said Zuckerberg before unveiling the new feature.

With the new Timeline feature, Facebook users will be able to add information to their profiles even from before the site existed. Users can also decide which information is visible to the public, to other Facebook users and to friends.

“Millions and millions of people have spent years curating the stories of their lives, and today there’s just no good way to share them,” said Zuckerberg. “We think this is a real problem, and we think that we have the solution.”

Facebook’s new Timeline feature is now available to developers, while users who want a piece of the action before it is launched can sign up here.


via: PC Mag

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