Facebook removes hidden iPad code in new app update

Posted on Sep 9 2011 - 12:34pm by Robert

Facebook has issued an update to its app for the Apple iPhone a few days ago. While the social network introduced numerous new features, it also removed the code related to the iPad version. This means that users can no longer install the Facebook app for iPad, which was included in the previous version and can be installed via a hack, before it is rolled out.

In the app’s previous update, version 3.4.4, Facebook included some hidden code for its iPad counterpart. The moment it was discovered, hackers immediately developed ways to install it. The app can only be installed on jailbroken units.

The Facebook iPad app gives users a higher-resolution interface, with a left-side menu, Places integration, News Feed, popover menus and other features not present in the iPhone version. A TechCrunch source said that the app is the same version that the company plans to unveil in the future.

In the new iPhone app, Facebook redesigned the “Update Status” user interface to incorporate friend and location tagging, uploading photos and an in-depth privacy controls. The new app update also allows users to fine tune specific groups of people who can see or you can share content with. Three options — public, friends and custom — were made available to make it easier to share posts with specific people or groups of people.

Is Facebook releasing a new update just to prevent users from installing the iPad app before its release?


via: Ubergizmo

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