Facebook Unites with Spotify for Social Music Steaming

Posted on Jun 20 2011 - 4:46pm by Richard Sharp

Facebook is about to jump the music streaming bandwagon, taking on the likes of Google Music and iTunes. The news comes by way of GigaOm which believes Facebook will unveil the brand new service at the ‘F8’ conference in August.

Facebook will utilize larger music services such as Spotify to deliver music to the masses of Facebook users. This is a smart move from the social networking giant, they won’t be going against the big providers – they have taken the ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ route which will help all the brands involved grow.

The new system will add a new tab to users sidebars, a new tab will join the current ‘groups’, ‘events’ and ‘pages’ tabs etc. Users will be able to manage their music from a personal dashboard and view music that their friends are listening to or recommend, the service will effectively wipe the floor with Ping and the likes.

Your friends will be able to see what you are listening too (if you allow them) and recommend tracks or albums via a share button. To set the service up users will simply have to link their Facebook and streaming service together using Facebook Connect.

Spotify is the first service to be confirmed but others will also be included, at this stage more details on who will be involved are scarce although it already sounds a mouth watering prospect for music and social network fans alike.

Does a Facebook music service sound like a good idea to you? What features would you include?

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