Fashion phone market joined by Versace

Posted on Jan 22 2010 - 3:29pm by simon

Although Prada has joined forces with LG in the past and Giorgio Armani has had its own stab at creating a mobile, Versace is one of the few international fashion houses that has not applied its aesthetic sensibilities to a phone. That is until now.

Versace has announced that it will soon be selling its own branded fashion phones after it committed to a global distribution and manufacturing deal with the ModeLabs Group.

You may not have heard of ModeLabs Group directly, but this is because it spends its time behind the scenes creating stylish handsets for the likes of Christian Dior and Tag Heuer. With several satisfied fashion clients on its books, it is no surprise that Versace has picked ModeLabs Group for what is apparently going to be a whole range of flawless looking mobile phones.

Versace has done nothing more than announce that it will be creating a line of fashion phones and technical specifications have yet to emerge. However, there is no doubt that the cost of the phones will be in line with the opulent heritage of the fashion brand.

Versace has said that it will begin selling the phones through its own shops as well as via select third party retailers from some time in the spring of this year. All this talk of fashion phones could make you wonder whether anything as banal as design is important in the software-driven smartphone market of today.

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