FIFA named best video game franchise ever

Posted on Jul 8 2011 - 11:17am by Julius

A study has revealed that FIFA is the best video gaming series of all time, beating Final Fantasy, Super Mario Brothers, Resident Evil and Call of Duty.

The subject, which has been debated by most gamers, has been answered by a study by game market site called the ‘Top 10 Best Video Game Series of All Time.”

The results say that football game FIFA is at the top spot with 72 percent of the votes, followed by the Final Fantasy series with 67 percent and Super Mario Brothers with 61 percent. The popular first person shooter series Call of Duty came in at 7th place with 41 percent of the votes and Grand Theft Auto with 38 percent.

“Gaming enthusiasts could debate their favourite games until they’re blue in the face, so with this study we really wanted to try to settle the arguments and find out which video games series people thought were the best of all time. Of course, it’s still a hugely subjective issue and many may disagree with the top ten, however, to gain insight from nearly 2,000 gamers is as fair a way as any to determine popularity. It was particularly interesting to see a sports series clinch the top spot ahead of what some might describe as a more thoughtful series such as Final Fantasy and also to see popular titles such as Call of Duty outside of the top five, particularly given the sales that the series has enjoyed,” said founder Simon Kilby.

“Most of the older series on the list still enjoy great popularity and have really battled against the newer titles to remain near the top of gamers’ favourite titles. Who knows which titles will still be popular in 10 years time, or even what consoles we’ll be playing them on!”


via: Stuff