Fight Night Champions:Kelly Brook Video Unlocked with QR Code

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 6:27pm by Thomas Sharp

Now that product placement is allowed on TV, Video games and films it seems we will have to get used to seeing brands everywhere we go – it’s not all bad though. Lynx has teamed up with Fight Night Champion, PKR and Need for Speed to include FHM favourite Kelly Brook and her fallen angels with an exclusive QR code that allows gamers to access exclusive content.

If only all product placement and content was this attractive and tech filled. This is actually pretty innovative and mixes billboards, ring mats and other in game ads into the actual game play as they would be used in everyday life. The QR code is nestled on the adverts.

The QR code unlocks a video featuring Kelly Brook as a fallen angel. The campaign has been a huge success online, on TV and media print. Lynx has been using the tag line ‘Angels will fall’ to promote their range of Eau de Toilette, Body Spray, Antiperspirant and Shower Gel. They have certainly come a long way since my ‘Africa’ school days – which incidentally is still one of the most popular fragrances in the range.

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