Fill Yer Boots With These RC Boots

Posted on Jun 27 2008 - 4:44am by Richard Sharp

RC Football BootsCombining desktop radio controlled devices with football seems like a no brainer to me and yet its not something you see everyday. Miniature football boots zip around the pitch (or your desk, depending on the extent of your imagination) and the set includes two sets of goals, two boots, two controllers shaped like stadium, and a couple of clips to make sure you can dribble like Ronaldo (it’s like the ball’s glued to his feet).

Each controller requires a 9v battery and the little boots need 2 AAA batteries. The only other thing you need is somebody to play against and a clear area of desk. Of course, if your desk is against the wall then you can even play wallie too. Alternatively, get all of your work mates together and start a work tournament (although, obviously only during lunch and other allotted free time in the working day – after all, you need to save actual working hours for YouTube and pointless Googling right?)

Next season’s still some way off, so you’ve got to get your football fill from somewhere once Euro 08 is finished with. So, fill yer boots with these miniature radio controlled boots.

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