Final Fantasy Tactics for the iPhone coming on Thursday

Posted on Aug 2 2011 - 12:35pm by Thomas Sharp

Sci-fi mobile gamers rejoice, the Final Fantasy Tactics app has finally been submitted Apple’s app store. The game has been delayed for some time now, will finally be launched on Thursday, August 4th, for £12.99, $15.99 or 1800 yen, depending on where you will buy it.

Like the previous iOS offerings from Sqaure Enix, the app will not be universal. An iPad version of the game will follow in autumn.

The Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions has had a long iOS development history, with its release date pushed back a number of times. Recently, the app was slated for a late July release. Although Square Enix missed that deadline, this final launch date appears to be solid, as the app’s final version has already been submitted to Apple.

Unlike the PlayStation Portable (PSP) version, the iPhone version of the game won’t feature the multiplayer mode, nor will it feature additional content. No need to worry though, as it will boast a new autosave functionality and a retina display support for the iPhone 4. While the app will work on the iPhone 3GS, older models like the iPhone 3G is simply not powerful enough to run the game. The game’s developer has ensured that the game’s slow-down problem in the PSP version has been fixed.

Like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy I, II and III, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions will arrive on Apple’s App Store with a very expensive price tag. For that kind of money, some people think they will hold out for the game’s iPad version, which will support a higher resolution display.

Are you looking forward to the latest Final Fantasy iOS installation?


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