Fitbit Charge 2 Set to Hit the Shops

Posted on Sep 13 2016 - 6:52pm by Robert

The success of previous Fitbit models has seen the new Fitbit Charge 2 added to the range. This is the successor to the Charge HR and includes some interesting enhancements.

For a start, the Charge 2 has a bigger screen then its predecessor. In fact, it is a whopping 4 times bigger, although it still doesn’t have a touch screen on it.

To use it you need to press a physical button that takes you through the list of menu options. There include options such as heart rate, steps, stopwatch timer, the Relax feature and steps.

A 5 Day Battery Life


The battery life has been stated as being 5 days, which is pretty impressive and should help fitness fans to get a lot of use of it before charging it again.

A big difference here is that the Fitbit Charge 2 now has sub menus added to it. In addition, there is now connected GPS as well, which allows you to track your location while exercising.

The Cardio Fitness measure that has been added allows you to input your details and then get a cardio score assigned to you. The Relax feature mentioned earlier is another new option that takes you through a set of breathing exercises lasting either 2 or 5 minutes to help you to meditate or to just, well, relax.

The Charge 2 has been set at the same price as the Charge HR and you can pre-order it for a mid-September shipping date.

Rival devices to be launched soon include the smartwatches with fitness monitoring from manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and Huawei.



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