Ford Cobra Snakehead is One Mean Looking Concept Car

Posted on Jun 23 2011 - 11:35am by Richard Sharp

If Ford could design cars like this, why haven’t they done it before now? This beast is called the Ford Cobra Snakehead, a concept car designed by Andrus Cyprian that looks as if it could bring super car styling to the masses – if only Ford would put into production.

The Cobra has been styled so the bonnet dips and then rises at the nose, with a huge air dam at the front and a roof modeled on a Cobra’s head. We are not sure if we can see that, but the swooping bonnet certainly looks like a coiled cobra.

The whole car is aggressively styled, with flared wheel arches, big bumpers and huge wheels and a low driving position.

From the rear the car utilizes classic American muscle car looks, with a flat back and four huge exhausts. According to the designer it doesn’t just look aggressive but will also come with a power plant to suit, as it’s a concept car there doesn’t seem to be any specs at this stage although Andrus has suggested a beefy V8 would probably do the trick.

Unlike many other sports cars, the Cobra has been designed with comfort and usability in mind. He has opted to use the interior space for two seats, so both the driver and passenger can travel in comfort.

Sure beats a ford Focus or Ka, what do you think about the design?

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