Ford Shows Off Electric Bike Models

Posted on Mar 6 2015 - 1:13pm by Robert

We have heard a lot about smart cars in recent years but what about smart bikes? When can you expect to be able to hop on one of these gadgets?

The good news in this respect is that motor giant Ford has shown off some exciting looking electric bicycle at the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This is part of its plans to produce more than just cars in the future.

Two Different Versions


There are two different versions of the Ford e-bike. The idea is that one of them would be ideal for commuting to work on and the other would be more suited to couriers needing to get around for work purposes all day long.

In both cases, the bike has a built-in link to a mobile app that gives the rider step by step instructions on how to get to their destination. The idea behind these bikes is that Ford wants to see how bikes can be made to seamlessly integrate with other types of vehicle on the roads.

Ken Washington is the vice president of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. He said that there are now many ways of getting around our cities and that what is needed is a “way to connect” them all together. This would allow us to “seamlessly move” between different types of transport and react to changes in the traffic situation.

The For MoDe has been developed in partnership with bike manufacturer Dahon and the models come with a 200 watt motor and with the help of electric pedal assistance can get up to 15mph.

Would you be interested in riding a smart, electric bike?

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