Forget the White iPhone 4 as Apple Prepare White iPhone 5

Posted on Feb 22 2011 - 11:04pm by Richard Sharp

It seems that yet again Best Buy jumped the gun when they put signage out for the supposed White iPhone 4, today evidence has emerged that Apple may well hold off launching a White version of their Smartphone. Why? To wait for the iPhone 5 launch, a logical step when you think about it. But how do we know this?

The Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese news group has been talking with component suppliers Wintek who claim to have secured exclusive rights to manufacture and supply the touch panels for the upcoming iPhone 5. They also say that Apple are much more committed to making sure the white iPhone actually materialises along with the standard black iPhone 5 in the Summer.

So hopefully they have sorted any problems that marred the launch in the past, namely fading white home buttons, screen issues and flash problems from the shiny white shell (believe it or not these are all reasons that the iPhone 4 has yet to materialise).

As always Apple has yet to comment on the news and don’t expect one any time soon. Interestingly Wintec also confirmed to comment which means one of two things, either the information was a leak or the news is a load of rubbish.

Either way we feel it would make perfect sense if Apple decided to postpone the release until the iPhone 5 is launched. What do you think? Do people even want a white iPhone?

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