Forgetful Phone Owners Savior is Zomm

Posted on Jan 4 2010 - 9:01am by Richard Sharp


If you have ever found yourself in a complete blind panicsearching for your mobile phone you might appreciate this little gadget by ZOMM. This puck shaped key chain can locate your phone with its built in tracker but this is not it’s main selling point.

ZOMM have designed the device to pair with your mobile phone via bluetooth so you can take incoming calls even when you can not access your phone. It also includes a panic button that will allow users to make an emergency call even if their phone is locked in a different room (up to 10 metres), in a briefcase or locked in your car. One final quirky feature is that it will give an audible warning if you start to get out of bluetooth range.

There is speculation that this product will come to retail at around $79 and should be released in the very near future.

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