Forza 4 Motorsport Supports Xbox 360 Kinect

Posted on Dec 12 2010 - 3:30pm by Richard Sharp

News has arrived on the fourth instalment of the epic racing game Forza Motorsport 4, it has been revealed that the game will use the brand new Microsoft Xbox Kinect controller for some of the games movements, but don’t let you put that off because the good old hand-held controller will still be used for most things – it might be a little weird otherwise.

Solid details on what Kinect will or will not be used for are scarce with the games developers Turn 10 keeping very tight lipped about it. However, a spokesman did give away a small amount of info at E3: “We showcased a Kinect-enabled project from Turn 10 Studios at E3 2010, which let players explore and experience their dream cars like never before. That tech demo demonstrated some of the experiences possible with Kinect and Forza.”

The short demo showed users playing an overtaking game where users scored points for overtaking and receiving extra ones for flair, Kinect allowed players to look around the car, altering the view when taking corners. It also shows gamers exploring the impressive detailing on the cars, zooming, panning and rotating arounf the dream machines.

We expect more details will be released before the game launches in Autumn 2011.

To watch the full demo feel free to watch the video below, let us know what you think by adding a comment too.

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  1. Jon December 13, 2010 at 4:01 am - Reply

    That thing of having to wait for the hand to spinup is annoying as hell on any of these games. Not to mention that it is sensitive as a mofo.. they need to come up with better navigation now that there is a system that can sense this as well as it can..

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