Freesat to Add on Netflix Service

Posted on Sep 3 2012 - 5:33pm by Robert

We love a good film, and we love a cheap satellite TV service as well. Sadly, these things have been mutually exclusive up until now.

The good news is that all the signs are pointing towards the people at Netflix linking up with Freesat to offer on demand films at a low cost.

The Freesat service has been on the go since 2008 and came about in a linkup between the BBC and ITV. The addition of Freesat services is sure to boost its popularity further, as UK homeowners look to cut back on expensive satellite packages.

Cancel When You Want

The expected cost for the Netflix service on Freesat is £5.99, and you will be able to cancel it at any time, which compares favourably to the long tie in period you can find on many satellite and cable TV contracts. The basic Freesat service doesn’t have a monthly cost, so once you get the box and set it up it is free unless you want the Netflix service.

The details of the new deal are also coming out at a good time to provide stiff competition to the new YouView service. This will be subscription free and will be received through a conventional TV aerial, meaning that there is no need for a satellite dish to get it.

Of course, Freesat has traditionally struggled to bring across viewers from the likes of Sky due to the relatively small number of channels it provides. With the Netflix service now getting tacked on it will be interesting to see whether more people take the chance of a cheaper deal now.

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