Fujitsu Scansnap 1500M Scan Challenge Part 1

Posted on Dec 24 2012 - 5:50pm by Richard Sharp

We’ve been challenged to some awesome things in the past. One of the most memorable has to be testing some Panasonic cameras to destruction at Go Ape last year. This week we’ve been sent a much tamer one that’s thankfully all indoors.

Fujitsu has sent their latest 1500M Scansnap scanner for us to test over the next three weeks. This week we’re sticking to the basics; scanning documents, business cards and photographs. Sounds easy doesn’t it, but what if they’re all mixed up and you want them organised?

Should we sort them?

fujitsus1500m we shouldn’t! The most appealing thing to prospective buyers of the Scansnap 1500M is that it does it for you. You can quite literally load a pile of receipts, bills, business cards and other documents into the automatic document feeder (ADF) and let her rip. This epic video from the guys at Fujitsu shows how this can be achieved with one click of the machine:

This weeks challenge; scan some photos

In the digital age we very rarely need to scan an image for our website, but when we do we’d prefer it to a hassle free experience. The guys at Fujitsu suggested that we tried this to demonstrate how the machine works, and most importantly to see if it worked well. So we gathered up some photos from magazines, old printed photos and even sketches on scraps of paper to find out how it worked. We then uploaded them to our site to show you the results.

The results are simply brilliant we’ll think you’ll agree. We were impressed with how clear the images came out and the fact that everyone was straightened out and ready to use. If you’re not impressed then please watch this short video and note how the photos were deliberately loaded backwards, upside down and in absolutely no particular size order. There aren’t many scanners which would cope with this type of punishment.

Next week we are going to take a look at how the Scansnap 1500M can be used with documents in harmony with our Apple Macs. Let us know what you think and please send any requests too.


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