Future iPhones may have voice recognition and profiles

Posted on Aug 26 2011 - 1:47pm by Robert

According to the website Freepatentsonline, future Apple iPhone software could use the sound of a user’s voice to identify them, enabling the system to access personal content and display custom settings.

The concept was revealed recently in a new patent application by Apple that was published by the US Patent and Trademark office. The patent, “User Profiling for Voice Input Processing,” describes a system that identifies individuals when they speak aloud.

The patent application noted that voice control already exists in a number of devices. The systems are accompanied by word libraries that offer a number of options for the device’s users to speak and interact with the device.

Apple proposes to solve issues in the system that would identify the user’s voice and instructions based on their identity. By identifying the user, an iPhone would be able to let that user to navigate the phone effectively hands free.

“The voice input provided to the electronic device can therefore be complex, and require significant processing to first identify the individual words of input before extracting an instruction from the input and executing a corresponding device operation,” the application reads.

To explain this simply, an iPhone would have words that are specific to a certain user. Certain contacts or media could be made specific to a user of the device, enabling two users to share an iPad or iPhone with custom content and settings.

Would you use this sort of feature?

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