Gadget makes strawberries easier to eat

Posted on Apr 19 2010 - 5:26am by simon

With the summer fast approaching and strawberry season tied into the Wimbledon competition, the arrival of the Stem Gem strawberry-beheading gadget will be music to the ears of many fruit fans and caterers alike.

Developed by Fire Box, the Stem Gem is a minor marvel that quickly snips off the annoying green bit from the top of your favourite strawberries without coming away with much of the succulent fruit itself.

The Stem Gem has a stainless steel three-pronged pincer at one end and a rubbery button at the other. Pressing the button causes the claw to close over the strawberry’s stem and you can then pull it out at the root with a little push and a twist.

The Stem Gem is not just limited to working with strawberries, as its manufacturer indicates that it works pretty well on tomatoes as well. It will probably be useful for any number of soft, sweet fruits which you typically have to decapitate before they can be eaten.

The Stem Gem will set you back about £6.99 and if you are particularly frugal with its use it should rapidly pay for itself with the amount of strawberry flesh that you will be saving. So whether you are a keen strawberry fan who likes to enjoy them on a warm summer’s day, or a professional chef looking to make the most of the summer and spend less time clipping your fruit, then the Stem Gem is probably a good purchase.

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