GameStop to Sell Vintage Games?

Posted on Aug 31 2012 - 8:39pm by Robert

What are your favourite memories of playing computer games? If they are anything like ours then they will involves some classic old titles which you can’t get hold of very easily these days.

If you are lucky then you can even recall lazy weekends of sticking cartridges into huge machines and controlling brightly coloured hedgehogs and rather basic looking spaceships.

Sadly those days are long gone, aren’t they? Aren’t they? Maybe not if the boys and girls at GameStop have anything to do with it. The gaming store’s CEO is called Paul Raines and he has been speaking out about the possibility of selling vintage games in their stores.

Raines revealed that that they have tons of classic games tucked away in their warehouses following trades made by players when they bought newer games. He sees this as being a sales opportunity and also offering players an alternative to going onto eBay to meet their vintage game needs.


Three Big Obstacles

It seems that the big obstacles in the way of this happening are conditioning, sourcing and refurbishing. Let’s not forget that we didn’t always treat our games cartridges as well as we could have done in our younger days.

Raines said that they are “accumulating some inventory” and that it is a “big idea”. He believes that the demand for the product is there provided that they can source it and get it into a sellable condition. He said that they are also working on “some stuff” which they haven’t announced yet, which sounds kind of exciting. It isn’t yet clear in which countries they would sell these vintage games.

Via: Forbes

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