Gear4 Bass Station iPod Speakers – Ugly But They Sound Good

Posted on May 7 2008 - 8:02pm by Richard Sharp

Gear4 Bass Station - Not The Greatest Looking But Incredible Sound QualityThere’s a mass of iPod speakers and speaker docks available on the market, making choosing the right one a seemingly difficult task. The Gear4 Bass Station is one of the latest to be released and despite its simplistic looks it packs a fairly incredible punch. It’s also not a particularly portable option weighing 3kg but that’s primarily because it combines an impressive 35W of sound output with a seriously capable 5 inch subwoofer hidden under the bonnet.

Make no mistakes, the Gear4 Bass Station is unlikely to win any design awards, except perhaps an award for the most inoffensive and plain uninteresting design award. But, looks aren’t everything, and crank it up loud sound quality counts for a lot – or, at least, it should.

The sound quality is truly immense with every note from every instrument and accompaniment played with crystal clear quality. From deep bass to high treble you will really struggle to find fault with the quality of the output.

Currently, this unit will set you back about £100 but if excellent sound quality is what matters, as well as a far from unreasonable power output. However, if you’re buying for show, then you definitely need to look elsewhere because this is, at best, dull in design.

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