Gesture Cube to offer multi-touch social networking

Posted on Feb 8 2010 - 4:16pm by simon


The Gesture Cube, which is a clever gadget produced by a trio of tech companies, might look a little off the wall, but it boasts a host of clever features and touch sensitive tricks that really make use of your fingers to their full potential.

With downloadable applications, web access and social networking functionality, the Gesture Cube could well become the hub in your home, providing rapid access to your online life.

The device itself is just in development and the prototype is a black cube mounted on a raised stand, with five of its sides sporting fully multi-touch sensitive screens. There appears to be no physical buttons, so the whole interface is ready for wipes, swipes, taps and tracings with nothing but your fingertips.

Your hand does not even have to be on the surface to drive an interaction, as the Gesture Cube can detect it as it moves towards or away from the device, allowing for interaction in 3D space with onscreen content.

There is a snazzy video on YouTube showing a mock up of the Gesture Cube, running thorough how it could be used. The creators intend to include some kind of motion sensitive controls to allow the device to know when it is being picked up, automatically locking the touch sensitive interface during transit and making it fully portable.

Because the Gesture Cube is still in development there is still much about it that remains a mystery, but the companies backing it are confident that when it does come to market it will be a hit.

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