Giffgaff set to compensate users for downtime

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 8:37pm by Richard Sharp

Users of the budget mobile network Giffgaff have been facing some issues today as services where wiped out by a burst water pipe. The saga began at around 11:30am on 16th March and for some users the problems aren’t over.

We’ve recently received an update via our customer email which sheds a little light on why Giffgaff went down and what steps the operators have taken to get services back online. The letter begins by explaining the problem was caused by a burst water pipe which has since been fixed. Their engineers have been working on this all day and are currently monitoring the fix as services are gradually restored.

burst pipe crashes giffgaff

Compensation? It could be a reality….

Network outages aren’t anything new, in fact they happen to all the suppliers at some point or another. The reputation of the best companies is proven by their actions after the problems have been fixed. The email from giffgaff states that once they are sure that stable service has been restored for all members they will look at ways to make it up to them. Their email ends with a simple apology stating, sorry for the inconvenience.

The question is, do you feel giffgaff should compensate their members. If so what would you deem a suitable compensation for such an outage?

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