Go Fishing in the 21st Century with a Smartphone

Posted on Feb 1 2014 - 10:41am by Robert

You might think that fishing is a quaint, old fashioned sport which requires you to use nothing but years of experience to do it right. You’d be wrong.

The amount of modern fishing gear on sale means that you can turn your fishing trip into a hi-tech extravaganza if you really want to.

The latest gadget for people who want to fish in a 21st century kind of a way involves using your smartphone to find fish. Don’t worry though; your treasured iPhone or Android beauty isn’t going to get soaking wet as you hurl it into the murky waters to try and find some trout with it. That would just be plain silly. Instead, it hooks up with a sonar float.

Sonar hardware that lets you locate those tasty buddies with fins has been around for a while but you would normally have to stick it onto your boat or the dock.

Uses Bluetooth to Pass on Information

fishThe snappily titled FishHunter lets you put a float onto the water and scan the water below it. It can detect fish up to 120 feet or so. It then relays the information to your phone through Bluetooth, as long as the float isn’t more than 80 foot from the phone.

At under £150 this sonar fish detecting gadget is actually reasonably priced when compared to similar devices which operate without a smartphone. This is probably because this type of thing normally has to include a screen which shows the information on it. Because the phone’s display is used in this case this is a saving in cost of materials.

Would you use a gadget like this to go fishing?


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