Go Green Wearing Condom Dresses And Banana Fibre Underpants

Posted on Sep 2 2010 - 12:34pm by Matt Jackson

In the same way that there’s an app for just about everything, you’re pretty much assured to find a green gadget for any purpose. There are green speakers that double up as miniature plant pots, there are houses made from recycled beer and plastic pop bottles. There are even rocking chairs that generate power as you rock back and forth.

If that’s not enough for you, and you won’t to wear your ecologically friendly lifestyle as a badge then you could always have a dress made from expired (not used or recycled we hasten to add) condoms or a pair of underpants made from the fibre of bananas.

Fair enough, you’re going to look a bit stupid and a lot of people will think you’re a condom short of a three pack or a banana short of a bunch but you’ll definitely be doing your bit for the environment.

Emma Kaywin of New York University has created two dress designs and one coat design using piles of expired condoms, saving them from being thrown in landfill. The outfits were actually displayed back in January and they received what could be described as a sceptical response. In order to show support for her own creations, Kaywin wears them out in public which should ward away all but the most fearsome of people.

And, for the men, Austrian company Aussie Bum has designed a pair of underpants made from a combination of cotton and banana bark fibre. To further enhance the eco-friendly tag, the undies are made using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes too.

Will you be wearing a condom dress or Aussie Bum banana undies?

Have you designed some eco-friendly but bizarrely insance item of clothing we should hear about?

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