Goal Line Technology Gives France a World Cup First

Posted on Jun 15 2014 - 10:06pm by Robert

Are you enjoying the World Cup in Brazil? Of course you are. Well, if you have been paying attention then you have been extremely lucky to see a World Cup first.

No, we don’t mean the host nation getting some dodgy decisions and we don’t even mean England losing a game just when we were building up our hopes. Oh no, we are talking here about goal line technology.

Not the Most Glamorous Game


France vs. Honduras perhaps wasn’t the most glamorous sounding game in the early tussles but those fans who watched it were treated to an exciting moment in the 48th minute. This is when Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema hit a left footed shot off the post.

The ball then bounced on the line and was fumbled before being gathered by Honduran keeper Noel Valladares. When we watched it live surely only the most eagled eyed of viewers could have seen that the keeper had bundled the ball over the line before grabbing it at the second attempt.

However, the referee gave the goal after goal line technology was used to see what had really happened. Honduran coach Luis Fernando Suárez wasn’t all happy with the goal being awarded but he couldn’t have any complaints when he later saw the footage of the incident.

Of course, there is a difference between awarding the second goal in a 3-0 game in the first round and doing the same when it is a potential goal that could decide the outcome of the World Cup, It will be interesting to see what happens if something similar occurs in the World Cup final or one of the other big games in the tournament’s closing stages.

Do you think that this kind of technology is a good thing?

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