Google+ “invaded” by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Posted on Jul 3 2011 - 1:42pm by Thomas Sharp

In the last 24 hours, a number of Mark Zuckerberg profiles have appeared on Google’s take on social networking, Google+. Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has three Google+ profiles: one ‘Fake Zuckerberg,’ one ‘Mark Zuckerberg,’ which was created yesterday, and a ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ that was created today.

The Fake Zuckerberg and one Mark Zuckerberg profile has been removed, while the last profile still remains. Twitter has been all over it, with a number of users posting screen grabs of the supposed profiles. The last remaining Zuckerberg profile, the one that was created yesterday, still has no posts.

“The second Mark Zuckerberg profile, put up shortly after the first was taken down, is harder to dismiss. The non-smiling profile picture — an apparent cell phone or a Webcam shot — is not easily found elsewhere. A TinEye search turned up only the Zuckerberg Google+ profile image,” fellow tech website CNET reported.

The website also quoted a spokesperson from Google that at this time, the company does not authenticate users.

As with many of our products, we rely on our users and the community to report any impersonations. We then review these reports and act accordingly. You can try to determine if someone is who they claim to be by viewing their profile, posts, etc. Or if you know them, you can contact them directly,” said the Google spokesperson.

It appears that Mark Zuckerberg is not happy in his Google+ profile photo, as he was in his official Facebook page.

Real or fake? What do you think?

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