Google Chrome now the most popular browser in the world

Posted on Dec 21 2011 - 5:45pm by Robert

Google’s Chrome browser just snatched the most popular web browser spot from Internet Explorer 8 during the last week of November, according to StatCounter.

The browser from Google captured 23.6 percent of the market, surpassing the 23.5 percent of Internet Explorer 8. However, combining all versions of the browsers available, Internet Explorer still takes the cake, followed by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

According to StatCounter, the upswing can be attributed to the continued increase of business Chrome users.

“Google announced Chrome for business exactly a year ago and IT administrators appear to have embraced it in a remarkably short time,” said StatCounter Chief Executive Officer Aodhan Cullen in a statement. “It looks as if people favor Chrome on weekends at home but office commercial use has now caught up.”

Cullen said that Chrome 15 have been overtaking Microsoft’s browser on weekends since the start of October, but Google’s fast browser has overtaken Internet Explorer for the first time.

The Internet Explorer, which is included by Microsoft in its Windows operating system, used to have dominance on the browser market, and Google did not even launched a browser until 2008.

Larry Page, CEO of Google, has always supported the company in bringing a browser to the market. Google started developing a browser in 2006 after concerns that existing browser will not support its online services.

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via: Mashable

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