Google Circles Head Spinning Rumours Vs. Denials

Posted on Mar 14 2011 - 1:53pm by Richard Sharp

Tech channels and blogs are buzzing this morning after a post by the Next Web speculated that not only is Google preparing a Facebook competitor but have also named and planned its date of birth! Some channels have suggested that the big G could make the announcement over the next few days during SXSW.

Sadly the guys over at Google have been quick to pour water over the idea by releasing a statement over their official Twitter account. ‘We’re not launching any products at #SXSW’, interestingly they didn’t

However, the Next Web speculated that Google Circles will actually be unveiled at the I/O conference on the 10th May; this is the company’s annual shindig and provides a platform for new announcements and products so fits the bill pretty well. Again Google has been quick to react with an enigmatic quote “We do not speculate on rumor and speculation”. So despite the riddles still no confirmation of the project.

Many media outlets are saying that Google Circles is a certainty whilst others are remaining cautious. After all Chris Messina, the man touted as heading up the project, recently denied and sounded positively dumbfounded by the idea during an interview.

Google has dipped its toe into social before and users can currently share things of interest via Google Buzz but they have never made huge inroads on Facebook and it seems for the time being they can rest easy.

Do you think Google should launch ‘Circles’ and what would they have to do to topple Facebook?

Via: TNW

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