Google Doodle Celebrates Gregor Medel’s 189th Birthday

Posted on Jul 20 2011 - 1:16am by Richard Sharp

Google has celebrated the 189th birthday of Gregor Johann Mendel, a scientist and friar whose work on genetics helped form the basis for modern day theories. Like most great historical figures Mendel’s work wasn’t recognised until long after he died, Google has played their part by ensuring more people learn of his work.

Gregor Mendel Doodle

Today’s doodle is formed by a selection of peas, carefully cross sectioned and arranged to make up the letters of the word Google. The doodle isn’t animated but this doesn’t detract from the meaning behind it. Mendel’s early work focused on the genetic makeup of peas, he discovered that certain traits where passed on in peas when cross pollinated.

He went onto work with honeybees and created a species so aggressive that they had to be destroyed. At the time his work was somewhat dismissed, the great man pushed his scientific work to one side when he was given an elevated position of Abbot. He decided to focus on the administrative and other managerial skills required of his new position instead of pursuing his scientific work.

After his death

Gregor Mendel died in 1884, his work was all but forgotten until it was rediscovered in the late 1930’s when it was combined with Darwin’s work on natural selection to form an understanding of hereditary genes. It was a small miracle that Mendel’s work was rediscovered after the new abbot burned all of his work after his funeral to settle a taxation dispute.

What do you think of today’s Google Doodle, is it a fitting tribute to such an influential figure?

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  1. Go Like July 20, 2011 at 11:54 pm - Reply

    This is a cool one! You can also see more Google Doodle Logos at My faves are the Les Paul Guitar and PAC-MAN game.

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