Google Doodle Marks Archery at London 2012 Olympics

Posted on Jul 28 2012 - 1:06am by Thomas Sharp

The London 2012 Olympics kicked off today with the opening ceremony which include live performances from Sir Paul Mccartney, The Arctic Monkeys alongside cameos from David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Rowen Atkinson and Daniel Craig to name but a few. Google has also carried on their daily tradition of adding a themed Doodle; todays revolves around archery and features a female archer aiming at a Google target.

This isn’t the first time the search giant has honored the Olympics; in fact it’s a tradition which stretches back to the Sydney games in 2000 and more recently Beijing in 2008.

Archery Today, cycling tomorrow?

The archery events actually started before the opening ceremony which explains todays graphic. Interestingly these events will run until 3rd August and will be a popular attraction for visitors and spectators watching from home.

Like many of the events the archery competitions are being held away from the Olympic village. There will be four events in total, each contested at Lords cricket ground which has been rejigged to host the competitions which include mens individual, women’s individual, men’s team and women’s team categories.

Over the next three weeks you can expect to see other sports on Google’s UK facing homepage, as they did for the Beijing Olympics. You will no doubt see upcoming Doodles showing running, swimming, jumping, sailing and many more.

Which sports are you looking forward to seeing; either live at the Olympics or on Googles homepage?

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