Google+ gets 67 million unique hits worldwide

Posted on Jan 9 2012 - 5:17pm by Robert

Google+, the Internet search giant’s attempt to rival Facebook, has received 2.6 million unique visits in the United Kingdom in November 2012, according to comScore.

The UK-specific traffic data released by comScore do not include visits through mobile devices. The figures show that Google’s social network service ranked the United Kingdom as the seventh highest country in terms of visitors, next to Japan. Other countries that top the list are the United States, India, Brazil, Germany and France.

The website got a total of 62.7 million unique visitors, with hits from the United States at 14.7 million. It seems that the Google social network is doing well despite claims that the site is slowly dying and reports of millions of users logging off after excitement have waned.

“Europe currently has the largest Google+ audience, and 6.1 percent of internet users visited the site during November,” said Mike Read, comScore Europe’s managing director, in an interview with The Guardian. “The UK ranks as one of its largest audiences with nearly 2.6 million visitors and a penetration of 6.9 percent, the 10th highest reach globally. The site has grown significantly since its launch and it will be interesting to see if increased exposure throughout the Google network, including Google Search and YouTube, will further accelerate its growth around the world.”

Recently, the company started to roll out a new homepage, as part of its ongoing changes to the design of its services, to create a brand consistency.


via: The Guardian

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