Google Glass Being Used by Surgeons

Posted on May 20 2014 - 10:28am by Robert

The number of potential uses for Google Glass has increased, with surgeons in Devon recently being involved in running a trial on the use of this technology while working.

The glasses are voice activated and use a camera and small visual display, which means that they could offer a range of benefits if used in surgical theatres. For instance, it can help doctors who are mentoring other members of staff to explain what is happening in a live setting. Another possible use is to contact experts across the world for advice when carrying out a complex procedure. This could make it far easier for doctors to share information and expertise and help people with rare conditions get treatment locally.

Ironing Out the Issues


The very first person to use the Google Glass technology in a live UK operation was the orthopaedic surgeon David Issac, who works at Torbay Hospital. He pointed out that a couple of the most important issues to be addressed when working with Google Glass are privacy and patient confidentiality. He confirmed that they take these issues “very seriously” and that during the last 6 months they have worked on a trial basis to make the process as smooth as possible while making the most of the technology.

A plan which will soon be up and running in Devon is to stream medical procedure to students to help with them learning process.

Would you be happy being operated on by a doctor using Google Glass technology

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