Google Livens Up April Fool’s Day Again

Posted on Apr 1 2013 - 6:39pm by Robert

Do you remember when April Fool’s Day used to be all about really lame pranks which no one but your Gran ever fell for? Well, the good news is that Google is around to keep us entertained these days, and they didn’t disappoint this year either.

Google Nose

mapsThe idea of typing in smelly words to Google and then receiving the results through your nostrils is a tempting one. It seems as though the firm’s Street Sense vehicles have breathed in millions of odours and Google has them all ready for you to enjoy at home. This well thought out joke came with a lot of technical phrases made up for the occasion, although not many people can have fallen for it, can they?

The YouTube Competition

Perhaps more believable was the claim that YouTube was shutting down and that it was really just an 8 year-long competition. Apparently the site is going down for 10 years while the judges go through ever single video and decide which one is the winner. This will then be the first video on the new site when it all kicks off again in 2023.

Google Pirate Maps

Not content with the previous pranks, the Google team proved that they have way too much time on their hands by coming up with a pirate version of Google Maps. The story goes that they discovered a treasure map which once belonged to Captain Kidd. Can you decode it and discover where the treasure is?

Were you taken in by any of these Google April Fool’s jokes this year?

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