Google pays tribute to Moog creator Bob Moog

Posted on May 23 2012 - 11:33am by Julius

Internet search giant Google Inc. celebrates the 78th birth anniversary of Robert ‘Bob’ Moog, an American electrical engineer, with an interactive Google Doodle.

Bob Moog is the father of the modern electronic synthesizer and in place of the Google logo in the site’s homepage is a digital recreation of the Moog synthesizer. Users of the Google Chrome browser will enjoy playing and making music just for today. visitors can play with the digital synthesizer using the QWERTY keys, while the arrow keys will let users switch between the knobs (mixer, escillator, filter and envelope) to get the sound they want. A pitch adjuster can also be seen on the side for users to play with the pitch of the keys.

A digital tape recorder can also be seen on the right side, where users can record short audio clips of their creations. They can overdub it up to four tracks, which will maximize the creativity of all. The creations can be shared via Google+ or a link.


Robert Arthur Moog was born on May 23, 1934 in New York. He had a doctorate (PhD) in engineering physics from Cornell University. He began building musical instruments when he was a teenager and has founded two companies that manufacture musical instruments.

He was honored a Grammy Award in 2002 for his achievements. Moog died in 2005 at the age of 21 due to a brain tumor.

The Moog sound can be heard in popular music nowadays, but it has been used since the 60s and 70s by artists like The Beatles, Donna Summer and Beastie Boys.

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