Google Reveals Big Increase in HTTPS Use

Posted on Nov 10 2016 - 4:25pm by Robert

Research by Google has confirmed that more people than ever before now use sites with the HTTPS protocol.

Indeed, the company’s figures show that over half of the total pages loaded by users on desktop Chrome use HTTPS. This also makes up over two thirds of the total browsing time of the users in question.

So how do they know all this? Well, the fact is that Google has been tracking the use of HTTPS over Chrome since 2015.

The latest figures are shown in the company’s transparency report. This shows the impressive increase in the use of this type of page.

Still Less Common on Mobile


While HTTPS is now more common on desktop usage than less secure types of page, it is still a bit behind on mobile. However, the results an increase from 30% in 2015 to 40% this year.

Since the S in HTTPS stands for “security”, it is clear that growing use of this protocol is a good thing for our overall online security and internet safety. It was previously most used by financial organisations such as bank but is now more widely used.

This protocol works by add additional security to keep data as private as possible. In the last few years the likes of Twitter and Wikipedia have move to adopt HTTPS.

When discussing the results in a blog post, Google said that they will carry on working to make the switch across to HTTPS and getting increased security “a no-brainer”.

Do you tend to look for sites that use HTTPS or does it not really matter to you?

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