Google to Re-Brand Photo Service?

Posted on Aug 21 2014 - 9:43am by Robert

Could Google soon be bringing out its own new, dedicated online photo service or app separate from the Google+ service?

According to some sources, in a report on Bloomberg, Google is hoping to get more traffic for its photo service. The idea being mooted for doing this is to make it more autonomous, with the possibility of attracting those users who aren’t part of the Google+ social network. There is also the chance that the service will be re-banded as part of these changes, although no potential new name has yet been suggested.

It would appear that this change would most likely involve the photo service moving into an independent position. Right now, Google+ users can store and share their images on the Google social media service, use it to back up photos and edit their pictures on there as well.

Lots of Competition


Of course, there is a lot of intense competition in the photo sharing and storing market these days, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offering ways of making the most of your favourite images.

The rumours started up when an email was sent from Google to Bloomberg saying that they are always “developing new ways” for people to be able to “snap, share and say cheese”. Clearly, there is no specific mention of new services or apps but it definitely looks like something is in the pipeline. We’ll just need to wait and see what comes out in the future.

Have you tried the Google+ service yet or would a re-branded Google photo service be more attractive to you?

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  1. ted leaf September 12, 2014 at 5:49 am - Reply

    oh no,not again,another google cock up on the way ?
    so what about picasa ?
    picasa was a perfectly simple set up,did exactly what it said,then google got involved and buggered it all up,then they dropped it again and buggeted it a second time.
    as per,with google,what ever they decide to do,it will be a cocked up system,that few folk will actually realy want to use,and once a few folk are using it and have got used to it,google will either discontinue development,close it,or just plain bugger it up,as they have done to so many of their "services/products" in the past.
    avoid it like ebola,its google…

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