Grow your own girlfriend and you can be the boss!

Posted on Oct 5 2008 - 1:56am by David Gray

girlfriend.jpgIn this world of politically correct products, eco friendly services and kill joys, how refreshing to see something which will annoy all of those who try to stop us having fun. The Grow a Girlfriend is perhaps the most politically incorrect gadget to be released for some time but it will certainly put a smile on many a recipients face!

So what is it and what does it actually do?

Before everyone gets carried away this is not an adult toy rather something of a novelty gift for a friend who may be unlucky in love or fed up with the constant nagging and moaning of his partner. To make the most of your Grow a Girlfriend gift you just need to soak ‘her’ in water and within 2 hours she will start to grow. After 3 days she will be at full size and bursting out of her skimpy pink bikini – well almost!

No nagging, no moaning, no pinching the last of the change out of your pockets, just a ‘girlfriend’ YOU can talk to without being interrupted. In these times of economic turmoil what better gift than a girlfriend who cost nothing to take out?

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