GTA IV (Sold Out Long Ago) Released 29th April

Posted on Apr 27 2008 - 11:48pm by Richard Sharp

It would be remiss to approach the 29th April without making any comment on the impending release of what must surely be the year’s most highly anticipated video game – Grand Theft Auto IV. This latest instalment joins an elite list of games that will already be classed as sold out when it hits the shelves.

Grand Theft Auto IVPre-orders for GTA IV have hit an unprecedented high, with major retailers like, HMV, and Game all claiming that they have already sold out. Obviously, hyper inflated versions will be available on Ebay (as ever) for those unable to wait until the next batch is released.

Many retailers stopped guaranteeing the delivery of pre-orders on the day of release several weeks ago. Some shops have even stated that customers that have already placed an order may not receive the game until a few days after release.

The GTA series has long been a hit since its PlayStation only days, and if you’re an avid gamer then you’ll no doubt be waiting anxiously for its release. If you’re not a gamer then expect unusually busy 24 hour supermarkets at one minute past midnight. This is often seen as the easiest way to get hold of a copy without paying the ridiculous prices otherwise demanded.

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