Gummylamp: a giant gummy bear that lights

Posted on Nov 23 2011 - 12:25am by Julius

Mmm, gummy bears. When I was a kid, I always remember eating tons of gummy bears whenever my mom buys a bag. I still do enjoy occasional gummy snacking whenever I chance upon a store that sells them.

Now, for those people who love gummy bears, a new home decor has been unveiled by Jailbreak Toys that will surely tickle their fancy. The Gummylamp is a giant gummy bear that is not only for adults who enjoy snacking on these cute gummy dudes, but also for kids who want something cute as their night light. Also, since most kids are afraid of the dark, the Gummylamp is perfect to make them feel safe at night.

A cute feature the Gummylamp has is it just needs to be squeezed to turn on the high-powered LED light. This has been designed by Jailbreak Toys to look and feel like the real thing. It doesn’t taste anything like the real thing, though, as it is not edible.

The Gummylamp is seven inches tall and comes in a variety of colors that children will surely love. It also has an adjustable timer, so you won’t have to turn it off later.

The device can be powered by two AA-sized batteries whenever you take it outdoors. But if you want to enjoy it in your bedroom, you can just plug it in a USB slot or use the USB to 5 Volt DC cable to power it.

The Gummylamp comes in five colors: green, red, clear, orange and yellow. It is available from Jaibreak Toys for £17.9 ($28.00).

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